The Big Bad Bug - Storytime

This is story is designed to help to explain to young children the concept of social distancing and why we should all stay at home right now due to Coronavirus.

The Big Bad Bug

Written by Lisa Fitch

Once upon a time there were three little rabbits. They were playing together when they heard their mummies calling them to come inside. Each mummy said “rabbit, there is big bad bug. You can’t see it, and you can’t feel it, but it will try and make you poorly and hide on your skin”

The rabbits were told they had to stay in their home and garden and not get close to rabbits outside of their home, even if they were family or friends. This made the rabbits sad as they would miss their friends.

The first little rabbit decided he didn’t want to stay inside and went out to play. He bumped into neighbours and went to the park with other rabbits. The big bad bug sat waiting on a swing. When the little rabbit sat there the big bad bug moved onto the first little rabbit but the little rabbit did not know the big bad bug was there.

The first little rabbit went home and saw the second little rabbit playing in his garden. The first little rabbit asked the second little rabbit to come and play. The second little rabbit said “no way, I don’t want the big bad bug to get me so I am staying in the garden”. The two little rabbits chatted over the gate and they shook paws before saying goodbye.

The first little rabbit also saw the third little rabbit in her garden and called her to play. The third little rabbit said “no way, I don’t want the big bad bug to get me so I am staying in the garden and away from other rabbits”. The third little rabbit stayed back from the 1st little rabbit and didn’t shake paws when they said goodbye.

The first little rabbit and the second little rabbit chatted over the fence and shook paws every day. The third little rabbit stayed home or in the garden, never getting close to the other rabbits.

After several days the first little rabbit started to feel poorly. He had to stay in bed and not leave his home. The first little rabbit missed seeing his friends in the garden and this made him sad. After a little while the first little rabbit felt better but he stayed home to not make any other rabbits poorly.

The second little rabbit also started to feel poorly. The second little rabbit knew he had stayed home but remembered shaking the paw of the first little rabbit. The second little rabbit had got the big bad bug from shaking paws! The second little rabbit missed his friends very much and this made him sad but he stayed home with his family. After a little while the second rabbit felt better but he stayed home to not make any other rabbits poorly.

The third little rabbit stayed at home, only playing out in her garden and not getting close to anyone not already in her home. Although this made her sad and she missed her friends, the third little rabbit knew it was only for a while. The big bad bug whirled and swirled around the rabbit’s home but couldn’t get in. The third little rabbit and her family stayed safe and did not get sick.

One day the big bad bug stopped trying to get the little rabbits and they were all allowed back out to play. The friends were very glad to be back together and went to the park, where they had a fabulous time.

Copyright and Sharing information

This story was written by Lisa Fitch and is Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright.

You are welcome to share the story by sharing the link to this web page only. Any copying and pasting and reproduction elsewhere is strictly prohibited.

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