Digital Resilience

Course Description

Why is it important to know about digital resilience? Children and young people’s use of the internet has undergone rapid expansion with growing use of social media and increased use of mobile technologies. Smartphone and tablet ownership has risen sharply and young people have greater autonomy than ever before to explore their own online world, bringing both opportunities and risks.

This course is suitable for anyone working with children and young people, with specific references for parents and those working in schools.

Course Content

Module 1 - The Digital World

The Digital World

How children and young people use the internet to shape their digital world.


How aspects of the internet offer opportunities to children and young people, eg information, advice, support, self-expression and community.


Who is more vulnerable to online risk, and why? Is online vulnerability predictable?

Online risk

The types of online risk, including cyberbullying, online grooming, sexting, self-harm and suicide contagion, exposure to pornography, and excessive screen time.

Emotional wellbeing

How social media affects the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people, with examples.

Module 2 - Building Digital Resilience

What is resilience?

Building overall resilience in the child, the family and the community. Added factors for digital resilience.

Helping children and young people in the digital world

Questions to ask about use of technology.

• What to avoid

• What to try instead

• Good practice for schools

Young people’s views

What young people find useful to build their resilience. What young people would like parents and professionals to know and do.

Expert recommendations

How social media platforms and other organisations should take responsibility for digital resilience. Suggestions by experts including YoungMinds and the Royal Society for Public Health.

Key Features

• Written in partnership with experts at YoungMinds

• A fully interactive course, including optional narration for accessibility, comprising one module and one questionnaire.

• Two CPD hour credits with a personalised downloadable certificate.

• 70% pass mark

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