Understanding Epilepsy

Course Description

This course will help you to understand epilepsy, a lifelong condition that affects around 600,000 people in the UK.

Course Content

• A look at what epilepsy is and how it affects the electrical activity in the brain, and information on how epilepsy can start at any age and is usually a lifelong condition.

• Details on what epileptic seizures are and important information on the several different kinds of seizures which includes focal, tonicclonic, tonic, atonic, absence and myoclonic seizures.

• Information on the common triggers for epilepsy, including missing medication, stress, lack of sleep and many more.

• A useful list of drugs and medications available to help control seizures.

• Information on other treatments for epilepsy including surgery to remove part of the brain that causes the seizures, a special diet called ketogenic, and implanting a small electrical device that links directly to the brain.

• Important information on fi rst aid treatment to help reduce the risks when someone is experiencing a seizure, as well as examples of when you should call an ambulance.

• Procedures for emergency medication and who the medication can be used for. 

• Further information for schools such as details on individual healthcare plans and staff who should be aware of symptoms and emergency procedures.

Key Features

• Endorsed by the School and Public Health Nurses Association.

• A fully interactive course, including optional narration for accessibility, comprising one module and one questionnaire.

• One CPD hour with a personalised downloadable certificate.

• 70% pass mark

How to apply

This online training course normally costs £14.39 but is available free to Childcare.co.uk gold members. For more details see our online training page.

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