Insurance - a guide for Nannies

Do I need Nanny Insurance?

If you are a qualified or experienced Nanny working with children aged newborn to 17, then it is certainly worth considering taking out Public Liability Insurance. Should anything happen to the children while in your care, you would have cover in place if you are held liable.

Accidents do happen, particularly when you are distracted for a time, however brief. If you are found to be at fault you could face legal proceedings and may even have to pay costs and compensation. Public Liability Insurance provides important peace of mind, an in addition it is a mandatory part of the Ofsted Registration criteria.

How do I get a policy?

A quick online search will turn up a good selection of insurance providers for nannies working with children from newborn to age 17. Most are priced from £60-£90, offering a variety of benefits and levels of indemnity. In most cases applications can be made by phone, post or via an online application form. Carefully read through what benefits policies provide to make sure you are getting the right cover for you. Bear in mind that most will have an upper limit on the amount of children you can have in your care at once.

Some insurance providers also offer Nannies a discount if registered on the voluntary part of the OFSTED childcare register. It is also worth checking that the company providing your policy covers you for trips out of the house and if required, cover while you are abroad with the family on holiday.

It is important to note that a claim may be brought against you up until the child you cared for, turns 21. Some insurance companies will cover you as long as you were insured by them at the time the accident occurred so be sure to ask whether or not your policy covers you for any possible future claims.

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Driving and Car Insurance

If driving is part of your job as a Nanny, you will need to ensure that your car insurance provider is notified that you intend to use your car while on duty. It is unlikely that you will be covered by a standard Nanny insurance policy while driving. If you are using a vehicle provided by your employer, your employer should add you as a names driver to their insurance policy. You may also wish to take out contingent motor liability insurance.

Does my employer need to have insurance?

Your employer should also take out Employers Liability insurance so that if you are injured while on duty, you are covered if they are found to be at fault. Some household insurers will add this as extra to an existing policy so it can be worth asking your employer whether or not they have cover in place.

A career as a Nanny means that you are often isolated in your job but you can feel secure in the knowledge that should the worst happen, you are covered by the appropriate level of insurance. Working with children is both rewarding and at times challenging, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye as children are ever curious with an unrivalled sense of adventure!

As a professional Nanny, the very nature of the job means that safety is at the core of what you do. Employers will be more confident in your approach as you will be demonstrating your professional approach to your job by taking out a Nanny insurance policy. In doing so, you will ensure that you are then able to get on with the job at hand, safe in the knowledge that you are protected should an accident occur.

Nanny insurance policy checklist:

✔ Apply before you start working as a Nanny so that you are covered from day one

✔ You have disclosed the number of children you care for at any one time

✔ You have added contingent motor insurance to your policy if required

✔ You have contacted your own motor insurance provider to advise them that you will be using your own car as part of your Nanny job, if applicable

✔ If travelling abroad with the family, make sure that your policy covers you for the entire length of your trip

✔ Make sure that your policy covers you in the future should a claim be made up until the child’s 21st birthday

✔ Check on any excess due should a claim be made, an example may be for property damage

✔ Ask about any discounts available if you are registered on the voluntary part of the OFSTED register

✔ Be sure to renew your policy each year if you are still employed as a Nanny, temporarily or permanently.

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