My Documents

What are My Documents?

My Documents is a feature that allows childcare providers and tutors to upload electronic copies of their identity documents, registration certificates and criminal records checks to's secure document storage facility.

Once uploaded, each document is reviewed by one of our trained staff. Where possible, we check that the personal details contained in the document match those provided by the account holder.

Depending on the type of document, provider profiles may display certain icons in the search results to show that we've seen a copy of their documents.

Driving Licence have seen a copy of the provider's driving licence or passport

Registration Certificate have seen a copy of the provider's registration certficate

Criminal Records Check have seen a copy of the provider's criminal records check certficate

Who can view My Documents?

Childcare providers and tutors have complete control over which parents can view a particular document. There is no requirement to provide parent access to documents but this feature is a useful, safe and secure tool to help parents and give them security and peace of mind.

How can providers share their documents with parents?

Childcare providers and tutors can invite a parent to view their documents by viewing the parent's profile and clicking 'Share Documents with this Parent'. If a parent requests to view your documents, you will receive an email with a link to approve the access request. Providers can choose which individual documents to share with parents and are free to decline any access requests.

How can parents view provider documents?

Parents can make a request to access a provider's documents by clicking the 'Request Document Access' button on the provider's profile.

How can we be sure the documents are real?

The documents have been certified by the member as being true and accurate. recommend you ask to see original copies of the documents before you hire them in order verify the accuracy for yourself. Once you have verified the authenticity, we also recommend verifying that they are still valid as some registrations and checks expire and need updating regularly.

Providers can start uploading their documents by going to My Documents.

How secure are My Documents?

The safety and security of your documents is one of our highest priorities.

Once you have uploaded a document, it is encrypted and stored in our secure document storage facility.

Other members can't view your documents unless you explicitly choose to invite them. You are in complete control over which members can view each document. Once a parent has been invited to view a document, the access link expires after a short period.

In most instances we are able to add a digital watermark to your document which makes it clear that the document has come from

In order to validate documents and support our members, a small number of employees are able to view your documents. We use industry best practices to ensure only the right people have access to do so, and all access is logged in an audit trail, so you can actually see when a member of our staff has viewed one of your documents.

Technical Details

• The documents at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

• Master encryption keys are rotated using Amazon KMS

• uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect your documents between their place of rest, our servers and the browser.

• Documents are rendered inline on, preventing cached or downloaded copies of documents being left on client machines

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