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Donna looked after my son A from the age of 11 months to the age of 2 years, 2 months, for 2 to 3 days a week. There are so many good things I could say about Donna's facility and her care - but the most important one for me as a parent is that I was always 100% sure that A was well cared for and happy. I never had any doubts.
Donna is really switched on, completely professional, very knowledgeable but also very loving towards the children in her care and really cares about them. The size of her facility, with assistants who can stay at the cabin, also means that the younger children don't have to go on school runs and can follow their usual nap schedule, something that was very good for A as he was a very big sleeper!
The cabin and the garden are a lovely place.
A had a few ongoing medical issues during the time he attended Cookie Maison and Donna was completely happy to do her bit, including coming to my house to learn more about it all, and giving me really good updates on how A was doing when he was with her.
A is quite a picky eater and Donna went above and beyond to try and get him to eat new things and to have good well balanced meals.
If you are looking for a childminder, I could not recommend Donna highly enough. We will really miss her and I know we will stay in touch.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Cookie Maison on 20/08/2015