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Ashley is the best thing that ever happened to our family!! Due to my work situation I have had to be temporarily separated from living with my husband (for one year )who I only see on weekends.

I would not have coped with this situation without Ashley. She always gives more than 100% and within days of being employed became family to both myself and my baby.

My baby is safe and happy and really loves Ashley. They go off each day to have an “adventure” as she calls it and sends me photographs on wattsapp. I see my baby smiling and laughing and clearly enjoying himself.

Ashley brings her knowledge and experiences to share with me but also respects my preferences in what my baby eats and how long he sleeps etc.

It’s so wonderful to see my baby thriving and loving life wether they are at a soft play place, or a playgroup, the library, swimming, going for walks at Apedale nature reserve or the monkey Forrest. He is sometimes covered in paint or mud just the way little children enjoying life should be ❤️

I can not recommend Ashley more highly than to say when my child is in her care I know without a doubt that she is giving him as much love and care as is possible.

I must just add it’s amazing the way she treats even a 12 month old baby with such respect and dignity.

Thank you Ashley for everything that do for my precious baby and for my family.

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