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My wife and are needed childcare for our ~6 month old for our Wedding day. We wanted our family members to enjoy the day and celebration without needing to look after the baby all the time so looked for a nanny to help out. In total we used Maddy for 5 hours before the Wedding to get the baby accustomed to Maddy, plus 5 hours the evening before the wedding then 13 hours on the wedding day itself! She had to criss cross London to look after the baby in multiple locations west and east.

The wedding in particular was an incredibly difficult situation to handle. It was a long day, and so much stimulation for the baby with all the noise and guests (180!). Maddy met us at the house to help while my wife was getting ready, then took the baby to the church, then walked her in the pram to a boat (since promised car ride couldn’t be provided due to a protest in the area), looked after her throughout the boat ride and then when we got off the boat took the baby to a hotel room away from the reception. What’s more - it was Maddy’s birthday! She took that time to work on her birthday for us.

It was an ENORMOUS help to be able to enjoy our day knowing our baby was being looked after. There difficult moments along the way given the multiple changes in location, and constant stimuli. Despite this, most of the day she was happy and smiling. And when we returned from the reception to the hotel room she was tucked up in bed sleeping soundly.

It’s a shame to read some of the other reviews of Maddy when our experience had been so positive.

On communication Maddy was excellent. At short notice I requested an additional few hours with her to look after the baby in the lead up to the wedding. She always made sure baby was warm, well fed, dry. No problem taking her outside in the carrier or the pram. There were no issues whatsoever.

I have no problem recommending Maddy for any of your childcare needs.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Matt Matt about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 13/12/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 13/12/2023:

Thank you Matt & Chandler.
It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with your beautiful daughter and share your special day with you all.
I really appreciate you taking the time to do this review and hope to see you when you are back from your travels.

We had a horrible experience with Maddy Brown. I’m pretty sure now the other reviews are fake, or they just left their kids with her and who knows what she did with them. My baby is 10 months, was ill during our stay in London. All we needed was someone compassionate and competent to look after her for a few days. First Maddy reeked of cigarette smoke every single day, and I should have canceled with her from day one but she had so many good reviews, I thought I had to give her a chance. Maddy did not connect with our baby, and then proceeded to blame us as parents. She even blamed the child calling her spoiled, saying there’s something wrong with her - her pediatrician says our baby is normal. Maddy refused to listen to me about properly cleaning baby’s utensils and how to care for her. She even at one point put my crying 10 month old in a high chair and forbid me from picking her up and asked me to tell her to stop, and that I won’t pick her up. Of course I picked her up, poor baby, what kind of maniac does that? Through all of that she demanded to be paid and was threatening us when we finally came to our senses and asked her to leave.
She’s the nanny from hell and I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy.
I’d give 0 stars if I could. She will respond to this claiming she’s a single mother and blaming me, but please proceed with caution, do not believe a word she says.

  • 1 stars Overall
  • 1 stars Setting
  • 1 stars Cleanliness
  • 1 stars Food
  • 1 stars Communication

by Avatar for Fernank Fernank about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 14/11/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 14/11/2023:

Well where do I start with this traumatic ordeal the actual worst experience of my 20+ year career.
Baby severely overweight crying unhappy, lethargic, bleary eyed, runny stools no interest in solids. 9 months old. dressed inappropriately, they didn’t bathe her once and only used 2 dirty baby grows the entire time.
Saw no feeding of solids or attempt to also mum took her off to didn’t witness it.
I wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment.

They live in Dubai have a cook nanny & maid.
They have had 3 Nannies in 9 months.
I organised my childcare, logistics, travel & looked up activities.
They approached me to work.
Dad was aggressive and abusive.
Mum asked me about hiring a pram to be delivered along to accommodation with bath so flew without a pram??
I should’ve took this as a warning sign!
I went above and beyond to help this lady.
It is not up to me as a nanny to soothe your unwell crying child that I’ve never met before it’s up to you two as good parents and humans to hand over a happy healthy 9 month old.
I can back up every one of these reviews with photo and video evidence of happy children & parents.
All reviewers can be contacted by phone
I’m sorry you wouldn’t let me do my job and that your baby was unwell, unhappy & uncommunicative and hope you sought medical attention as was my advice.
I sincerely hope that she is a happier & healthier & developing better now.
I pity anyone that works for you and shudder to think of the treatment your staff in Dubai must endure on a daily basis, I suspect anyone dealing with you would need a month at the Betty Ford clinic not just a cheeky fag!
(I did not reek of cigarettes!)
All the best

Alas another so called nanny with zero interest in the details of our son. Sharp enough to quote a much higher hourly rate than given here without asking one detail of what the job duties might entail. Good luck!

  • 1 stars Overall
  • 1 stars Communication

by Avatar for Ria R Ria R about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 03/10/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 03/10/2023:

Excuse me! Special needs care is more challenging and more and hour!
You shouldn’t be able to give reviews for people who HAVE NOT WORKED FOR YOU!
My SEN hourly rate of £20 per hour is fair and the going rate.
Clearly your horrible attitude & reluctance to pay a fair hourly wage is leading you into difficulties finding a nanny .
This is my livelihood I am a single mother and you should not give nasty reviews to nannies WHO HAVE NOT MET YOU OR WORKED YOU YOU!

Maddy has been our nanny to our 10 month old baby girl for the past two months. From the very first day she's connected instantly to our baby. She is a very experienced nanny - comfortable and skilled with all aspects (feeding, nappy changes, cheering baby up when she's in a cranky mood, helping her with her naps, etc). She is also very energetic, creative and resourceful, coming up with fun activities for our little one. Maddy has also given us invaluable tips about establishing a sleep routine and giving us reassurance when we needed it. She is communicative and reliable. We would have loved to have Maddy as our full time nanny - only reason we are parting is because we are moving countries. Thank you Maddy for all your help! We will definitely get in touch when we move back!

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Saeme Saeme about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 10/07/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 10/07/2023:

It’s been a pleasure working with you all and Cali is a beautiful little girl who I enjoy my time with very much.
Thank you for this lovely review

Maddy has been taking care of my 6weeks old Alix In the mornings, she is great!
Very talkative and active interaction with our baby girl which has enhanced her development and smiles.
I definitely recommend

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 4 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Jeanne Jeanne about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 22/06/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 22/06/2023:

Thanks so much she was an absolute pleasure to look after.

We were in town for a wedding and Maddy came through for us at the last minute to care for our 9 year old and 6 year old. I’ve never used an online service for childcare so I was a bit apprehensive but Maddy had such great reviews and immediately upon meeting her, we were comforted by her warmth and friendliness. The kids had a great time and asked if we could come back to London to hang with her! ❤️

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Caroline Caroline about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 18/04/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 20/04/2023:

Thanks so much.
They were a pleasure to care for. :-)

I'm an international mom of 3 and also new to the area. Maddy took excellent care of my 3 children while I was out for a while. She is professional, organize and patient. Best of all, she is a mum too and anticipated some of my needs and concerns without me having to ask! She also had fun ideas to keep the children entertained. Would definitely book again. Thanks, Maddy. Xo

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for nandi242 nandi242 about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 26/02/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 26/02/2023:

Thanks so much Nandi, it was a pleasure to care for your 3 lovely children.
Hope to see you again next time you’re in London x

Maddy is excellent and has been a real life saver for us looking after our 8 month old when we moved house and when I wasn’t feeling well.

She is clearly excellent with children and I’m always super confident that our wee one is well looked after in her care. She proactively takes baby to local activities and keeps me updated with photos and videos during the day.

She’s also kindly helped me out with the odd errand and kind words about my parenting always delivered exactly when you need them! Would definitely book again ❤️

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Nabeledo Nabeledo about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 23/01/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 23/01/2023:

Aah thanks Nadine, a pleasure to care for and work for.
See you again soon.

Maddy was super approachable and immediately made us feel comfortable with her being in our home . She was brilliant with our 10month old son, who had not been left with anyone outside of the family before, and he took to her straight away. Maddy made the effort to play with him, take him to locals activities, and follow his routine. Maddy also had lots of great tips for a first time Mum, and was really great to communicate with before and during her time with us. We can’t wait to have Maddy back again.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Sammy88 Sammy88 about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 03/01/2023

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 03/01/2023:

Thanks so much Sam, a pleasure to care for & work for.

Our nanny Maddy was punctual and friendly, excellent with children, and gave updates via text message to help put my mind at rest while we were out. I will definitely use this service again.
Wonderful service

Thank you, Maddy

Good job
Well done

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Aurica Aurica about Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 07/08/2022

Response by Avatar for Maddy Maddy on 07/08/2022:

Thank you so much. It’s important to me that both parents and children (including mine)feel safe & happy.
Thank you for this lovely review.
See you all soon

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