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Wonderful Carer

Tammy looked after my twins Katie & Luke for about a 15 month period for 1 or 2 days a week, during the day. She also did night time baby-sitting on occasions. Katie and Luke were not quite 2 years old when Tammy first joined to help us and since then they have blossomed into fantastic 3 year olds who have great social skills, confidence and they enjoy the company of others. They have good manners, are polite and adapt well to changes in environments. I firmly believe that Tammy helped their development tremendously over this period. She has great experience, always kept the children entertained, had a ready supply of fun games and educational exercises to hand and was especially good when relating their core skills to the nursery education development plan. I trusted Tammy to have my children alone, she would take them out on visits on her own and she would always have their best interests in mind. Excellent.

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