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5 stars

Trustworthy, Kind and Loving


Georgie was our full time nanny for two years. When she started working for us my eldest boy was 3 and youngest boy 1. It is with sadness that our time with her ended but it was time for my youngest to go to preschool.

At interview Georgie was very professional and came with all the references and qualifications you would want. She won us over immediately.

Georgie settled into the family very easily, she often came into a frantic household with 2 parents running out to work and she took over with ease - managing whatever state the boys were in!

Georgie was a very kind and caring nanny to the boys. She took a great deal of time to think of fun activities to do with the boys. She took them out every day. She had a great network of nanny’s and playgroups that she often met with to give the boys plenty of social interaction. She also took them to the Jo Jingles music class I had been taking them too before I returned to work.

Georgie worked very well with my husband and I as a team. We would seek her input on dealing with different issues and we would work out the best way for all of us to give consistent care for things like naps and tantrums, etc.

As part of her duties she looked after anything to do with the boys, washing of clothes, changing beds, tidying toys, picking up from preschool/school, cooking dinner.

She was able to be flexible and we often had grandparents staying or visiting which she worked around/with wonderfully.

As an employee, I can’t fault Georgie. We worked out holidays in advance which worked well for us. There were never any communication issues.

For any mum returning to work or looking for a new nanny, I couldn’t recommend Georgie enough. She has made our work/life balance very easy to manage. My boys always enjoyed playing with her and I know that she cared about the boys because she missed them when we were on holiday! She will remain our first choice babysitter (if she wants) for many years to come and also a family friend.

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