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Monique is honestly like a fairy godmother, I can't believe how lucky I am to have found her. Our son is currently being diagnosed with ASD, we live in Spain but needed to come back to the UK for a few days to work and needed someone to look after our 3.5yr old. I was so worried about leaving him with a stranger but oh my goodness, our gorgeous boy loved every second of his time with Monique, in fact I think he prefers being with her more than us now, it's nowhere near as much fun with us. She's like a magician too because he slept better each night after being with her and I am sure he learnt a lot with her which is so encouraging for his development. I need Monique in my life and if I could just get her to move to Spain I completely would. I would happily recommend her to anyone, especially if you have a child that may have some special needs, she is gentle, quiet and kind and your precious ones will be completely safe and happy.

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