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Brilliant Support

Melanie stepped in when I had no help from family or friends, I suffer from post natal depression and got in touch with Melanie when things were getting too much for me especially at a time when I was sick and so was my baby. Melanie stepped in at the last minute to support us. My baby was refusing solids and milk feeds and Melanie played an important part in his recovery and getting his appetite back, I was also able to get some rest too and some time for myself. My little one reacts to new faces but he instantly warmed up to Melanie.
Melanie supported me a lot emotionally as I have a lot of personal problems. She gave me a good listening ear. Luckily I have my mother in law to help me for now but will be contacting Melanie once again when I have no help.
Melanie played with my little one and helped at meal times so that I could also do house chores. I have often felt isolated and depressed and Melanie encouraged me to get dressed and go for a walk with her and the baby, she really encouraged me to get out more.
I am ever so grateful for all her help, Melanie stepped in to support me in desperate times where I felt ever so low.
I can't thank her enough- I never forget the people who helped when there was nobody else.
Melanie also bought foods to help baby's weaning to progress, she also bought toys too which was so kind and a bottle that she bought to encourage my baby to drink his milk again. I just can't thank her enough for all she has done. I thoroughly recommend her although want her all to myself!
She is so hands-on and offers plenty of advice. She even assembled our baby walker that we were struggling to assemble! Miraculously even got my fussy baby to nap by himself in the cot!
Thank you Melanie- you are an angel

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Response from Mummy and Me

What a wonderful review to write about me! It is not overly often I am lost for words but somehow on this occasion I am..... So less is more.

????????????Thank you ????????????

As I have said to you already, I can only help those that allow me to, you opened your home, your heart and your lovely family to me. Asking for help is
the hardest thing ever to do but it is also the very first step to recovery. So very well done you. It will not be long before I drop by again so until then be safe, happy and well and continue to be brave. MXxx