5 stars

Reference for Melanie


To whom it may concern,
We are delighted to provide a reference for Melanie who cared for our daughter, A from the age of 8
months to a year. A grew up during the pandemic so was very nervous of new people but Melanie
had no trouble in winning her over with a slow but steady approach and she soon enjoyed her time
with Melanie.

It was a difficult season to be caring for a child due to the weather being very cold and
most activities not being available due to lockdown, but Melanie was always cheerful and did a great
job of entertaining Annie with toys and books in the house and local garden centres and open shops.
Melanie was very responsive to A’s needs and our preferences but also prepared to offer insights
and advice from her many years of experience. She had a keen eye on how A was developing which
was brilliant for a first-time mum and was extremely competent at managing any little issues with
A’s routine or plans. I always knew Annie would be safe and enjoying herself in Melanie’s care, and
enjoyed the regular updates by Whatsapp and a shared communication notebook.

Sadly, the pandemic led to several concerns which meant we had to readjust arrangements several
times -it became more and more difficult for Melanie to care for A and this and other factors meant
she had to give up caring for A just before her first birthday. However, she is a warm, caring and
extremely competent Nanny and I have no hesitation in recommending her.