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Absolutely fantastic

September 2010. I was dreading leaving my six month old son to return to work.

Feeling like the worst mother alive leaving her precious baby I went to work. All day I watched my phone, watched the clock and thought of those wonderful months at home with him.

Every possible thought went through my head that day. My mind whirled around in circles, I could concentrate on nothing but selfishness of me being at work and the damage this would cause my son, both emotionally, being abandoned and developmentally, for who could possibly make him into the genius he was going to be, but me.

When I returned to collect him at the end of the day the five minute journey took a life time. It appeared all other cars were intent on traveling at ridiculously slow speeds.
When I approached the door, tears in my eyes, I had made my decision, I was not going back to work tomorrow. However, as I opened the door I saw my son in the arms of one of the staff at Chestnuts Childcare.
He was smiling at her and she was looking at him with such affection it was if she had known him since the moment he was born. He was settled, happy and above all, cared for. This love and care, I have come to find is the essence of Chestnuts Childcare and something which I feel is invaluable and something you do not come across very often.

Every child in Chestnuts Childcare is cared for as an individual. Each member of staff knows every child and does their very best to ensure their needs are met.
Each child is loved and cared for; it is like being part of a family and never a business.
The atmosphere can be felt as soon as you walk in the door; it is something which cannot be described easily, a sense of belonging and welcome, friendship and love.
It is a true testament to how every member of the staff treats my son as in six months of attending he has not once cried as I have left, even the babies can feel how much they are cared for.

My son has attended Chestnuts Childcare every day, throughout term time for the last six months. My daughter who is seven also attends occasionally after school and is equally in love with all the staff as my Son. The range of activities presented to the children I have seen in the past six months is a true credit to Chestnuts Childcare.
Every child is included in a wide range of activities from baking, to arts and craft. Regardless of age and ability activities are planned and conducted to both interest and stimulate the children.
When collecting or leaving my children there is always evidence of structured activities and all children are actively involved. On a regular basis pictures and cakes are sent home which my children have made. I think it’s truly fantastic that a child of my sons age is clearly allowed to take part in such activities which stimulate him and once again feel part if the Chestnuts Childcare family.

In addition children are also made aware of other faiths, cultures and the world around them.
Children are encouraged to play outside and take part in a range of activities in the wider community, for example a sponsored walk into the local village with other childcare providers. Within the setting children are made aware of the cultural calendar with themed days and weeks, for example Chinese New Year.

As a parent I am well informed of every aspect of my child’s development and their day. This communication is fantastic and a ‘Day book’ is always completed informing me of the always nutritious meal they have had and other information which is important to their day.
The needs of individual children being met is evident in this book as nap times and meal times are observed, keeping the routine already established at home in place. Also I am made aware of the progress my son makes and the recording of this is shared.
It turns out they are pretty good and bring the genius out too, dare I say better than I could.

Chestnuts Childcare really do care for every child and family. They acknowledge how difficult it is for parents to leave their children and do their utmost to ensure the transition from home, school and their care is as smooth as possible.
Nothing is ever too much trouble for the staff at Chestnuts and their friendly and approachable manner means that parents, including myself feel they can ask for advice and support when it is needed.
When I look back to September 2010 and the feelings I had I could never have imagined that I would feel so happy that my son is happy, settled, cared for and encouraged to develop and experience things around him.
I would recommend Chestnuts Childcare to anyone and fully believe that the care they provide is something unique.
Chestnuts Childcare truly is a childcare provider. Putting the child first, bringing out the best in them all and above all providing the care they need.

thanks Chestnuts Childcare

Dani Tavener.xx

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