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We contacted Emma in desperation with our 6 month old twins that were terrible sleepers and for assistance with the ‘bad habits’ we had started.

Having met Emma for a consultation meeting we decided what we needed was ‘Sleep
Training’ which Emma could provide over 2 weeks.

Emma was very quick to give us pointers and suggestions to make changes to our day routine that would help aid our night times.
Whilst we struggled slightly at first we quickly realised that a Emma knew exactly what she was talking about and had twin 2 self soothing and sleeping through within 10 days. Twin 1 was unfortunately poorly during the training period so it was more challenging and although he never managed to sleep through during her time with us, Emma had set in place the ‘do’s & dont’s’ for us to follow once her time with us had finished. We are pleased to say that although it’s not every night, twin 1 can now self soothe and sleeps through 4/7.

Emma was lovely to have in our home and we are just sorry we didn’t contact her sooner!

Thank you Emma!

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by about dilemma on 30/12/2018

I was having trouble getting my 9 month old to nap in his cot and also night time waking as just waking for 1oz then back to sleep. I messaged Emma to see if she could help which she said she could. All communication was quick and very clear. She came to my house with a set routine and pointers of what to do. 2 weeks on he us napping in cot and sleeping through. Emma has been on hand to answer all texts I've sent. Would highly recommend her to anyone as it seems to me she will be confident/helpful in handling any situation. I just wish I'd tried this month's ago. Thank you Emma xx

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by about dilemma on 27/03/2016

I contacted Emma in desperation with 4 month old twins who wouldn't nap and woke up up to 10 times a night. She came for 3 days and at the end of that they were napping brilliantly in their cots and one was sleeping through the night (the other was unwell but was only waking for calpol!). She made such a difference and we haven't looked back. All the time she was lovely with the babies - they adored her and were very happy in her company - and I enjoyed her company too. If you are thinking about hiring a maternity nurse you couldn't do better - I wish I'd had her when the babies were born!

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by about dilemma on 22/03/2014

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