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Exellent Service

My Daughter has been looked after by Mary 3 days a week since she was between 5/6 Months old and is now coming up on 3 and Still attends Mary's I can not rate Mary Highly enough the service she provides for the Kids is excellent my daughter has learned so much in the past few years her confidence has grew greatly as there was a point she wouldn't leave my side she also has a better social life than me as Mary takes them to different educational places each day so they aren't stuck in doors and on the days when the weather is to bad to go out Mary brings the out doors into the house. They kids also do loads of arts and crafts and gifts For Mummy or Daddy My daughter has no problem getting up in the morning if she knows she's going to Mary's and she even loves Mary's sons. This has gave me great comfort over the years knowing how good Mary is and that myself as a parent gets on great with her she is easy to approach and talk to and always keeps you updated on how the day has went.

by LeannB57