"Flexible, friendly, and fun!"

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Flexible, friendly, and fun!

Emily was my children’s nanny for 2 years and we would HIGHLY recommend her! I have 2 daughters and Emily started working for us when they were 10 and 12. They adore Emily! She’s fun, caring and chatty and they miss her so much. Emily was also helpful and not precious about things. She’s straight talking and organised. The kids came first but she also helped with running errands and all sorts of jobs to help me out as a working mum. She likes to be busy and will find things to do. She’s great at planning days out, and cost conscious too. I’ve had quite a few nannies/au pairs over the years and Emily was definitely the best. She would suit a busy, kind, fun family with boys or girls. FYI the only reason she’s no longer with us is because the girls are now getting older and both at secondary schools with transport laid on.

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