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Life changing


My daughter started at Janine's when she was 12 months old, and I had never left her up until this point. Needless to say the thought of going back to work was causing lots of anxiety. I'm a first time single mum and had no idea where to begin in the search for childcare. I'm fortunate to live in the same village as Janine and luckily for me she was recommended by everyone I spoke to on the daily walks with my daughter. The recommendations definitely pushed me in the direction of Janine, instead of a Nursery, and thank goodness they did. From our very first meeting, I knew this was the right setting for my daughter. Her home is spotlessly clean (I have no idea how she manages this !) And her garden is large and spacious, with a cabin for the children to play in. But aside from this, Janine is so warm kind and caring and incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Whenever I have questions she is my go to woman and I'm never made to feel stupid ! She provides me with regular updates to make me feel at ease, and this honestly makes all the difference. 4 months on and my little girl is thriving. Her speech is incredible for a girl of her age (she definitely hasn't got this from me !) She has gone from no routine and contact napping to a solid routine and naps independently for a long stretch which was unheard of before Janine (as I said life changing). We rarely have tears at drop off and she just seems so happy when I collect her. She also regularly comes home with various arts and crafts, which she is super proud of. I'm so greatful "nene" is in our lives, I'm able to focus on my career feeling super confident my baby is happy and cared for. Would thoroughly recommend.

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