"Looking for a Great Childminder? Don't look any fu"

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Looking for a Great Childminder? Don't look any fu

If you are looking for a childminder who is diligent, responsible, kind and treating your child like their own, with a bubbly personality and fun to be around with daily outings and various activities and that you can totally rely on - look no further, you have found her!

My husband and I worked full time, and needed a reliable childminder who we could trust to look after our daughter on a daily basis and also provide all of the above!

We quickly learnt that Eloosha was in safe hands when she was at Lisa's care by how observant Lisa was. Somehow:) Lisa almost instantly figured out what type of child/personality Eloosha was - what she liked or disliked, knew exactly how to engage her into play or calm her down or even give her some extra warmth and cuddles for when she needed it and wanted a quieter time.

Also Eloosha is a bilingual child and she had little knowledge of the English language when she started with Lisa. So to understand Eloosha's needs better Lisa attended a special training course for childminders looking after the bilingual children, which we thought was remarkable and were very grateful for.

Lisa looked after Eloosha for 3 years from when she was little up until she started school. Needless to say that Eloosha made great friends along the way and especially with Lisa's daughter Jessica (who is as bubbly as her mum by the way :)) and all of Lisa's lovely family including grandparents who come to visit, and who Eloosha absolutely loved to be around. She never wanted to leave at pick up times, which was a great sign and told us a lot!

And now that Eloosha started school she misses all of her friends a lot. I really do hope we can all stay in touch in the future and see our little girls grow up and develop a lifelong friendship.

Great childminder.
My husband and I could not recommend Lisa more!

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