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5 stars review of Mrs C Forrest - Childminder in Burgess Hill

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Part of the Family

I have two little treaures one who is nearly 3 1/2 and a boy who is 22 months. My children have two very different personalities and with Carol both their and our needs are both met and understood.

She has this ease with children at her feet that any parent should be proud of and i am very fortunate to have found Carol. I must also say that her flexability with hours and the willing to change where ever possible is fantastic and for any working parent particullary those with shift work is a welcomed relief.

I was uneasy at first of looking for, finding, and then placing my children into a childminder setting.I met with carol several times before placing the children with her and i can honestly say i have not looked back.

You never have to be worried that your child may not get enough attention or social interaction because at Carols the is always an abundance of children, careers or parents and plenty of toys to keep them entertained.

The children look forward to their day(s) at Carols and they are the ones who do not look back when being dropped off and they are still very happily playing when you get there.There is none of the nursery style pick up- children waiting coats on, bag in hand and a piece of paper telling you what they have done, but a relaxed and un rushed chance to get the children ready and discuss the days activities.

Carol will also try her best to carry through any preferences that you have from what they eat, when they sleep and what kind of parenting styles that you would adotp at home to ensure that it is a contiunuation of the childs home setting whilst benefiting from the childcare environment.

I titled this review as part of the family because thats what both Carol, her husband and the other parents and children who use Carols have become.
Her experience and knowledge is an invaluable addtion to her childcare and i have found her a valuable source of information and support with all aspects of family life .

by EvansCla