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Amanda and Peter put me at ease from the very beginning, Charlie (2) loves going to see them.
He has been with them since January 2013, it took a while for him to settle in as he started with only 2 mornings a week but now he goes 4 mornings a week and he simply cannot wait to get there, our journey to them is filled with a roll call of everyone at Amandas :-)
When we arrive he is happy to wander in, wave me good bye and have a fun filled time. There are so many activities to keep him entertained and outings to various groups which he loves. I love reading his daily diary to see what he has been up too and of course seeing his craft projects when they come home :-)
I know he will have just as much fun when he stays with them for the whole day.
Thank you to you both so much for making what is an apprehensive time so much easier and for looking after him so well, he is developing and enhancing so many skills due to the time he spends with you.

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by DonnaS77 about Amanda Childminding on 16/05/2013

Response by Amanda Childminding on 16/05/2013:

Charlie is pleasure to look after and it is as pleasing for us to see how he is developing as it is for his mum.

Charlie recently had his 24-30 month review with the Health Visitors, in preparation Amanda gave me his learning journal along with his activity books and all the development records that she keeps to assist the Health Visitor in their review.

To say the Health visitor was blown away would be an understatement :) we had the usual chat and I handed over his learning journal and her response was 'Wow! this is great, what a fantastic record of his development and they do so much' She had never seen such a concise and helpful record :)

Needless to say they were more than happy with Charlie's development and definitely impressed with Amanda & Peter and all the activities and time and effort they put in to ensure Charlie has a great time and meets his development milestones.

Thank you once again, I've always known you were amazing but it was lovely to hear a Health Visitor appreciate your work also.

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by DonnaS77 about Amanda Childminding on 28/08/2013

Response by Amanda Childminding on 28/08/2013:

Thank you for the review Donna. I am glad that his daily diary and learning journal provided the help you needed for Charlie's review.

I cannot recommend Amanda & Peter highly enough, they are simply amazing!!
My son has been with them since he was 16 months old, he is now over 8 years old, and he has loved every single day and school holiday he has spent with them, Victoria & Ruby.
The children are always out and about enjoying new activities, drop ins and parks. There are also plenty of activities for them to do on rainy days too, never a dull moment :)
I am heartbroken that we are moving away from the area, I wish I could take them with me.
Not only has my son had the best childminders but I have also gained the greatest friends in them and will miss them all hugely.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, finding childcare can be a minefield but I knew the moment I met you both that Charlie would be in the best hands and over the years that has been proven time and time again, we love you guys xxxx

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by DonnaS77 about Amanda Childminding on 07/08/2019

Response by Amanda Childminding on 07/08/2019:

Thank you Donna for those kind words. We shall miss you both when you move but we will keep in touch. Both you and Charlie have become good friends and we have loved our times out together. Here's to many more.