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Pauline amazes me, how she gets on with all the kids all kind of ages.My two girls love going there and she always welcomes us with big smile in the morning.
Her house is very well organised, extra room just for play and a nice garden with toys.
Pauline organises kids time well, she takes them to softplay, for walks, bookbugs, do some arts and crafts and baking at home, as well.
I always pick up my girls and they are both smiling and happy and sometimes don't want to leave.
Since my 1.5yo daughter was taken away from nursery she made huge progress and I can see she is very happy and confident in Pauline's house.
I'm really happy that I found Pauline after I moved in to Wishaw area.

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by about Pauline0 on 01/10/2018

Had already met pauline at local playgroup we attend.jamie loves going to paulines,pauline always takes the kids to different places all the time and do different activities with the kids,such a lovely caring person,so happy that jamie had pauline as a childminder,pauline was like part of our family,wouldnt have left my boy with someone else

Fantastic childminder

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by about Pauline0 on 20/07/2018

Response by Pauline0 on 01/08/2018:

Hi Debbie
Thank you for your kind words. Jamie was a right wee character and was a delight to care for .We will all miss Jamie now that he is going to nursery and wish him all the best for his next adventure in life
Remember come and visit us any time
Thanks again Pauline x

My two children just love Pauline, she is just great with the kids.

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by about Pauline0 on 15/01/2018

We moved to the Wishaw area and had to find new childcare for my 1 year old son. We did not know anyone or the area and previously my son had attended nursery so initially I wasn't sure about sending him to a childminder. I read all the reviews and decided we would go fot it. Turns out I had nothing to worry about and was the best decision for us and our son. How lucky we were that Pauline had a space for the hours we needed. I can honestly say that every review on here is true.

Pauline is so friendly and welcoming, you can tell she just loves her job the minute you meet her. Our son loves going to Pauline's and they do so many different activities together. We get so many updates throughout the day and we are always told what he has been up to with his friends, when he was at nursery we got very little information on what he did so it's so nice to be so well informed. Pauline has a book which she writes up each day which comes home with our son, my older son always asks me to read it to him as he wants to find out what his brother has been doing.

I had been worried that he wouldn't be mixing with as many other kids as he would be at a nursery, but this was wrong as Pauline takes them out to childminding group, bookbug and soft play. While at Pauline's home in the brilliant playroom and garden he gets the added benefit of being part of smaller group which I believe is good for children as well. Pauline does great activities relating to the time of the year which means we have many lovely keepsakes that our son has made, at Christmas it just amazed me the number of things he made and they were so creative ideas.

But really if you are reading this considering childcare I can't recommend Pauline enough. My olders son's comment was that he wished he had stayed in Wishaw when he was younger so he could go to Paulines as well.

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by about Pauline0 on 15/01/2018

Response by Pauline0 on 29/01/2018:

Hi Catri
Thank you for your kind words. Luca has settled in so well and loves our visits to toddlers,softplay,book bug and more
He is such a delight to care for and he is coming on so well and he loves the company of the other children and they treat him like a little brother Lucas loves all the activities that we do and he is always the first one at the table ready to start

I started my search for a childminder or nursery while I was still pregnant. Through extensive searches and research I dismissed the idea of a nursery as it wasn't for us and we found Pauline. Just reading her reviews immediately put me at ease and after discussing her with my boyfriend we made an appointment. The nature of our work means we can work long and sometimes unsociable hours or even be sent away. My partner is away a lot with work currently so I wanted someone who I would feel comfortable with and be able to rely on. So far we have not been disappointed! Pauline is amazing and truly is like an adopted grandma to our son Lewis. Lewis has been in Pauline's care since March 16 when I returned to work. Lewis was 9 months old so as any parent can imagine the idea of leaving him with a stranger was gut wrenching, it was also during the weaning and learning phase. However I needn't have worried! I simply cannot recommend Pauline highly enough, she reassured me everyday and still does. I get a daily dairy and pictures of what Lewis and his friends have been up to! She truly is an amazing lady and the care she provides Lewis is second to none, he is truly loved and well looked after as if he is one of her own and we couldn't ask for more. Pauline has supported me in helping Lewis develop and learn at every stage. She takes plenty of pictures so my boyfriend and I haven't missed out on any firsts! Weather that be baking or painting or a trip to a new and exciting place. I hope to stay with Pauline for many years as I know Lewis is very happy and settled. What more could a parent ask for! Thank you.

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by about Pauline0 on 18/06/2016

Response by Pauline0 on 24/06/2016:

Hi Lindsey
Thank you so much for your kind words
Lewis has just settled in great with the other children and he is like a little brother to them,they all look after him and care so much about him.he is such a happy little boy and a joy to care for.
Thanks Pauline x

My son Filip (2y) has been with Pauline for a good few months. I was a bit anxious how he would settle but he was fine from the very first day!
I think it was due to the fact that Pauline makes everybody so welcome and as a person is very warm, friendly, always with a big smile :)
Her house is very well organized and adapted for children to play, to feel comfortable and safe.
What I really like and appreciate is that children are never bored with Pauline. They go to softplays, toddlers' clubs, or enjoy Pauline's great playroom and garden; each day is interesting and brings something new. I love when Filip comes back with his drawings and other crafty things:) Pauline always takes pictures so I can see what Filip does, how he enjoys himself.
My son likes being at Pauline's and I am confident and reassured that he is well cared for, he is safe, makes friends and explores everything around him at his own pace, and is also encouraged to try new things. I've already noticed things he learnt from Pauline, his vocabulary getting richer and the fact that he's becoming a more confident and sociable boy.
Children are always honest and my son is no exception. If he wasn't happy at Pauline's, I would definitely see it. Well, he is happy, I can tell, and thank you for that, Pauline :)

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by about Pauline0 on 27/10/2015

Response by Pauline0 on 28/10/2015:

Hi Lucy
What can I say about my Filip number 2 or as Lily Mae says Filippo
He is such a lovely little boy who is coming out his shell at his own pace and his confidence is growing every day
He just loves the company of the new little friends that he has made here and loves all the activities that we do
So thank you so much for your lovely review

Pauline has been providing a first class child minding service to my son 15 month old son, Blake for almost a year now.
Blake started going to Pauline when he was 6 months old and I was going back to work. When we first met Pauline Blake gave her a massive smile and he went to her willingly which shocked me as at this particular time he was going through a phase whereby he would only go to close family members. As you can imagine I was extremely anxious about leaving my son and going back to work however I felt very relaxed when I saw her interact with Blake and I had no doubts in my mind that I wanted Pauline to care for him. Pauline kindly showed us around her home. I can truely say Pauline is very passionate about her job and this shows her home is full of toys, drawings, projects of the kids work and pictures of them carrying out activities covering all the walls. Pauline also texted me and updated me of Blakes day and this was a great relief knowing he was happy and well looked after. Pauline also communicates/updates you with a diary. This is fabulous idea as I feel I dont miss out on Blakes progress whilst at work.
Pauline encouraged Blake when he was learning to crawl and also again when he was learning to walk. He was walking at 10 1/2 months old. Not only do the kids have fun at paulines she also teaches the kids educational subjects and I think this is really important for the kids development. Pauline has been very accommodating and flexible and is extremely helpful.

Blake loves going to Paulines and gets exciting when he sees her. When I collect Blake he doesnt want to leave which I dont take personal as I know its because he loves his time when hes in her care. Pauline is very creative I do not know where she gets her ideas from.

If you are looking for a reliable, excellent, experienced and passionate childminder look no further!! I have no worries whilst Blake is in Paulines care as I know he is safe hands. I couldnt be happier with Paulines child minding service

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Pauline0 on 29/03/2015

Response by Pauline0 on 30/03/2015:

I cant believe that's a year already that Blake has been coming to play with us and having fun.
He is a wee live wire and is always on the go and he just loves the company of all the other children and they all love their wee Blakey.
He is coming on so well and so quick and its a joy to see his wee smiling face on a Monday morning
Thank you so much for your kind words

Pauline currently looks after our 15 months old son, Filip, for just six months now and so far, we couldn't be happier. In particular, we were looking for a home-like environment where our son would feel happy and comfortable. Pauline had been recommended by a friend of ours. It was so hard to leave him for first days, but the settlement period, Pauline’s texts and calls helped me to calm down.

We really appreciate the quality of childcare Pauline provides, the environment is so friendly and all children seem to have a lovely bond with each other and with Pauline and her family. Our son has settled very quickly and seems happy being dropped off at Pauline’s, can’t wait to get started playing with all toys. Pauline is very professional, caring, warm and patient person. It’s nice to see someone who is so passionate about her job.

Filip enjoys the wide variety of activities and days out, he is always busy with different outings, groups, crafts, library visits, reading, singing and playing games with other children. Pauline is also great at keeping us informed and I love her daily diary, which is always full with details of trips to local playgroups, parks, soft play, all often supplemented with photos and I know that our son has a great time at Pauline’s.

Overall, our son appears to be happy and settled whilst in Pauline’s care and we are pleased he can go there, learn, develop, enjoy all the activities with other children and we know he is treated with care and love.
We would happily recommend Pauline as a childminder. I'm so glad we found her!

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by about Pauline0 on 08/09/2014

Response by Pauline0 on 09/09/2014:

Thank you so much for your review and your kind words.
I am so happy that Filip has settled in so well and is enjoying his time with us all.
He is coming on so quickly and loves being around the other children and the children just treat him like a little brother always looking out for him.
We are just one big happy family here.
Filip is such a happy contented little boy and a pleasure to care for.

My son had been with Pauline since he was 12 months old, he's now almost 18 months old and what can I say she's a marvellous childminder and I couldn't be be happier with my choice.

I knew from the first visit with my son that Pauline was the right choice however, after visiting a couple of other childminders (Pauline's advice) it confirmed my gut instinct that she was by far the best choice and most genuine i came across.

We were both immediately made to feel welcome and at home and instantly clicked. Pauline's home is well designed for children and I think any other provider (nurseries included) would struggle to compare with both the indoor and outdoor facilities.

As well as being homely and welcoming, Pauline is very professional in explaining policies, procedures, setting expectations etc and I treasure the daily diary with reports on my sons activities that day, in addition to the diary there's a folder which details his developmental milestones and includes photographs and examples of his work.

As every first time parent is when returning to work, I was very apprehensive about leaving my son but Pauline provided me with the reassurance he would settle well. The settling in period really helped to put my mind at ease and the text updates reminded me of the fun he was having.

Pauline has vast experience in providing childcare and stimulating learning which is very evident when speaking with her and also to see the continuing improvements with my son's personal development. She is fair and firm and it's clear that all of the children love and respect her.

The children in the group are well mannered , have lots of fun and are very sociable and that's certainly a lot to do with the environment they are in (as well as the parents of course).

My son always comes home full of energy and confidence, he can be a quiet and shy boy at times and that was worrying when leaving him initially however, Pauline and the group of children she looks after have done an amazing job at helping to bring him out of his shell.

Finally - Pauline is very flexible and accommodating when it comes to needing childcare and she goes the extra mile, not because she has to but because she wants to and I know all of the other parents in the group would confirm all of the above and more.

I couldn't recommend Pauline enough so please take the time to go and visit and find out more for yourself.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Pauline0 on 29/05/2014

Response by Pauline0 on 01/06/2014:

Hi Laura
Thank you so much for a really great review, Once again another parent is happy with care that i provide for their child.
Your son is a delight to care for and i know all the other children love wee oscie lol he is such a loving little boy and has smiles for everyone. I cant believe how quick he is coming on.
I am so glad you like the new style folder which details his developmental milestones.
He has certainly came out his shell and he is a wee chatter box and loves the compainy of all his little friends and we love having as part of our ever extended family.
Thanks again

Hi. I have a son and He is name Oliver. He is 13 months old, He is my first child,so I was looking for trusted childminder. My friend recommended Pauline and I am therefore happy.
Pauline is attentive,cheerful and creative.
every time She txt me how my son is fine ,it is very helpful.
I am very grateful to Puline that She look after my son. My Oliver is happy as well. :))))
I will be recommend Pauline for my friends.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Pauline0 on 10/10/2012

Response by Pauline0 on 11/10/2012:

Hi Gosia
Thank you so much for your kinds words.
I am so glad that i could care for Oliver while you study.
Oliver is a joy to watch and i am so happy that oliver is happy with me.
Oliver is coming on great in the short time he has been here and has met a few wee friends too.
Thank you

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