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Hello all,

I highly highly recommend Bernadette as a childminder.

My child started to go to Bernadette in June 2021 when she was 9 months.
As she is my first child; I spent a long time look for a childminder reading reviews and looking for recommendations from people in work etc!

I was really nervous about the process as my daughter had not been around other children and people in general due to the lock down.
I arranged to see Bernadette and within minutes I just knew she was the right person.
My daughter warmed to her immediately and so did I.
She really made us feel at ease and was so welcoming and friendly.
This was before I met her husband and her children who are are just so lovely and kind.

Bernadette is a really experienced childminder and mother of 3 lovely boys.
As a first time mother I really valued her guidance and advice which often provided me with so much reassurance. She was always really encouraging when I was feeling frazzled and just really gave me a boost when dropping off and collecting my daughter.

Bernadette's setting is very well organised and she has everything a child could need!
She is near a park and my daughter had regular access to the outdoors which was really important to me.
Bernadette really listened to my preferences as a parent and also checked in with me about what she was planning etc. Her communication is excellent and she sends pictures and an overview of the day; food , naps, nappies which was really useful.
Bernadette is really active in terms of activities ; doing lots of arts , crafts, story time , going outdoors and other games. It really is a fun setting for children and my daughter was so happy there.

The setting is very much like a family environment, her partner and children get involved in the childminding also and were all so brilliant with my daughter.
I noticed my daughter had been reacting negatively towards men which I explained to Bernadette and by the end of the first day she was best friends with Bernadette's partner and her youngest son.
They all formed such a lovely bond with her , it was so heart-warming.
I often saw the interactions between which was just so amazing and genuine.

Each morning Bernadette opened the door my daughters face would light up, she was so happy to be there and never cried when I was leaving and I think she would have happily stayed there when I went to pick her up!
I did not have any concerns about my daughter being there and she barely entered my mind when I was in work so I was able to completely focus on my job as I just felt so reassured. It really felt like I was leaving her with a family member.
Bernadette provided food which was varied and healthy which included snacks during the day.
She was also open to my daughter's preferences and anything I asked was never a problem.
Bernadette is just so approachable and kind.

Bernadette has a genuine love for children and she really treats the children like her family. She has had people in her care for years and when she talked about them moving onto to school I could see how attached she was to the children, it was amazing to see someone with such passionate and genuine care.

I have now moved to Ireland and that is the only reason that my daughter is no longer attending Happy days.
The process of the move was a little bit complicated and at times overwhelming.
Bernadette and her family were so kind and amazing during this time as life was chaotic for me.
Bernadette was really flexible with me during a difficult time and I will never the kindness she has shown to me and my daughter.
During the time that my daughter attended Bernadette's childcare I was able to return to work and complete a masters which I thought was really not possible and had planned to ask for an extension, however Bernadette was so encouraging and not only showed care to my daughter but also to me. I was so delighted to achieve this and could not have done it without her and her family.

During the time with Bernadette my daughter really progressed in terms of development , she quickly got the hang of walking and is so good at socialising with others. What really impressed me is that my daughter really shares with other children which is such a lovely character that no doubt Bernadette has thought the other children.
When dropping and collecting my daughter I often met the other children arriving who interacted with my daughter so well and I could see they were also really happy to be there.

As a family we were so impressed with Bernadette and her family ; we had considered staying.
We know we found someone really special in Bernadette and feel so lucky that my daughter had such a good start in life.

Also her rates are so reasonable and she is really fair when it comes to charging.

My daughter and I miss the family so much and really really grateful for everything. x

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for mollyluc mollyluc about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 21/01/2022

We are so happy to have found Bernadette, I literally do not know what we would do without her. She currently looks after our son for the full day and drops our daughter to school. At drop off time in the morning, my children run up to Bernadette's house as they cant wait to get in.
Bernadette is very supportive, and helps out additionally when possible, even babysitting for us in the evenings. She has taken the children on days out to the beach which they love and is always taking them to the local parks and playgrounds.

My son, Harry, has learnt so much since he has been there, and although he regularly keeps them on their toes, he is disciplined in a structured manner. They have seasonal art work displays which are amazing and I love getting a hand or foot painting at pick up. Harry is fed well, and always enjoys the food that is provided, he gets so much more variety at Bernadette's than he does at home!

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Alix Alix about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 20/03/2019

Our daughter, Leonie, visited Bernadette's setting since she was 7 month old, 5 days a week.

We have been extremely happy with the care Leonie received. Like every first time parent we were worried to leave our child with somebody else. But our worry was put to rest during the first settling in day, when Leonie enjoyed Bernadette's company straight away and she was relaxed when held by her. Every since their had chemistry and Bernadette gained our daughter's trust and confidence. Leonie developed good behaviour and kindness.

Bernadette's home has always been welcoming, warm and friendly. Every day offers a new adventure and activity with lots of toys, themed crafting, outdoor play or outings.

When Leonie did not feel well, we knew she would be comforted by the warmth and love from Bernadette. Bernadette was always willing to administer any homeopathic remedies or medication required.

Unfortunately due to the financial aspect we decided to put Leonie, now 3.5 years old, full time in a nursery. We feel lucky to have found Bernadette to look after our daughter as we were able to get on with our day in the knowledge that our daughter was in safe hand.

Thank you so so much from bottom of our heart, we really appreciate your work and help.

We will miss you and your family.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 4 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Jojo Jojo about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 19/08/2018

We honestly dont know where to start Bernadette has had our little girl Rebecca from the age of 9mnths old and as a first time parent We were soo scared aabiut handing our baby over to a stranger. But Bernadette made us feel soo at ease. She made Rebecca part of her family and in turn Bernadette became a part of our family! We honestly cannot thank Bernadette enough for helping us raise a beautiful little girl! And we will always be in contact

thanks again Bernadette
love Steph, Jason and Rebecca xx

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Stephani Stephani about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 05/04/2017

We just wanted to write something to express my gratitude to Bernadette and Kim for their hard work and dedication over the last 4 years. Our son has been in the setting since he was 7 months old, and is now about to embark on his next adventure - big school! Bernadette and Kim are like family to him (and to my husband and I), and we cannot fault the care at all. Our son has grown up into a lovely caring little boy, and we cannot take all of the credit for this. He is going to miss you both very much, and so are we.

We are more than happy to speak to any parents who may be thinking of employing Bernadette and Kim to look after their children, and provide a personal reference. We'll miss the craziness and fun of drop off and pickup times and we know our son has been given a great start in life.

Thank you doesn't begin to cover it, and we wish you all the best for the future.

Emma and Carlton x

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for EBM1980 EBM1980 about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 20/09/2016

Bernadette started looking after Ellis in April 2013 when he was a year and 9 months until just after his 4th birthday in July 2015 to go to big school.
ellis settled in with Bernadette straight away and I was put at ease as she kept me updated with Ellis's day.
Ellis absolutely loved Kim when she arrived to work with Bernadette and they were both amazing in helping me out whenever they could, especially when I had to work earlies once a week (thanks Kim)
Ellis and zak got on well with Bernadettes and Kim's children.
The food was always good and healthy and Ellis would usually not eat dinner at home as he had been fed so well at Bernadettes :)
On asking Ellis what he thought of Bernadette and Kim when he used to go there he says 'he loves them and misses them'
I have no doubt who my childminders will be if I ever have more children.
Kim and Bernadette wrre not just Ellis's childminders but more like his surrogate 'aunts'
If you are looking for childminders then look no further...Bernadette and Kim are the best :) xxxx

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by Avatar for lisa868 lisa868 about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 30/10/2015

Bernadette looked after my girl for nearly 3 years from when she was 5 months of age, with Kim joining her when Ashlee was around 2 1/2 years of age. Despite my fears & worries of going back to work & leaving Ashlee, Bernadette made us all feel so welcome & put my mind at ease. Ashlee loved her time with Bernadette & Kim and their families. She created strong bonds with their children as well as the children they cared for. I would highly recommend Bernadette & Kim as child minders & that the children they care for are in a loving & safe environment.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Nicola K Nicola K about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 04/08/2015

Bernadette and Kim have now been looking after my son for 6 months since just after his 2nd birthday. I was at first rather anxious leaving him with somebody that wasn't family and this was the first time i've needed childcare but my worries were unfounded as George settled in with hardly any fuss.

My son is eating a lot better since being with Bernadette he is trying new foods that he'd previously refuse and also asking for more. The food on offer is healthy home made food and there is always fruit on offer.

Georges speech has also come on with leaps and bounds he is speaking in sentences. Can count to 20. Knows his shapes and colours and even remembers his please and thank you's. Before he went into Childcare he was borderline heading for a speech and language assessment he is now no longer a worry and i believe this is down to the hard work of Bernadette and Kim.

My son really enjoys being with Bernadette and Kim, He now just strolls in without even saying bye to me, and does not want to leave at pick up time.

I am very glad i chose Bernadette and Kim to look after my son.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for sar2309 sar2309 about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 11/01/2015

Bernadette has been looking after our 8 month old son Jacob for several weeks now following my return to work, and he is absolutely thriving! Despite all my first-time-mum angst, tears and worries about going back to work and leaving him, Bernadette has been a tower of strength with endless patience, and in just a few short weeks has managed to get my previously fussy son to eat properly and even self-soothe on occasions! He never fusses when his daddy drops him off in the morning, and is always super-smiley and giggly when I pick him up, clearly having had a fabulous time!

Bernadette is a wonderful and loving mother to her three gorgeous sons, and treats the children in her care as if they were members of her own family. Both she and her assistance Grace have made my transition back to work almost effortless (almost!), and keep me updated at all times, not even complaining when I check up on Jake for the umpteenth time during the day!

Thanks to both Bernadette and Grace for being the most amazing carers to my special little boy, and a great friend to me in the last few weeks, and for the forseeable future xxx


  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for EBM1980 EBM1980 about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 30/01/2013

Response by Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 04/02/2013:


Thank-you so much for your kind words. Jacob is a pleasure to care for. You're perfectly entitled to feel angst about leaving your baby for the first time. You're a first time Mum & I promise it'll get easier the more you have ;-)


My son has been going to bernadettes for 6months now and we couldnt be happier, i know that choosing a childminder can be a scary thing for parents but bernadette made us feel so welcome and put our minds completely at ease and best of all my son felt completely at ease, we are so happy with her that we changed his days from two days a week to full time in a matter of weeks, she has a warm loving home and a fantastic enviroment for children to be themselves and all play and learn together, if anyone is looking for an excellent, warm and caring childminder look no further than bernadette you wont find a better one, if anybody wants further reviews on bernadette contact me ill be happy to recommend her, i know that when we have more children theres only one childerminder they will be going to!!!

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for heartbre heartbre about Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 10/10/2012

Response by Avatar for Happy Days Happy Days on 11/10/2012:

Kelly & Andrew,

How lovely....Thank-you so much for your kind words, I feel quite emotional reading this. Christopher is a welcome addition to our family;-)

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