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First time parents without a clue, having Tina as a maternity nurse was one of the best decisions we made.

On arriving home from hospital, day and night started to merge together with a continuous flow of feeding, burping, nappies, crying and ad hoc sleeping. My primary expectation from a maternity nurse was to keep my baby safe and well whilst we could sleep. Tina provided us with so much more than this. She answered any questions, offered supportive advice and crucially helped us to understand our son and the needs of a baby. At 8 weeks he started to sleep through the night. We were amazed. I didn’t believe her when she said it was possible to achieve at such an early stage but he started to sleep from about 9pm until 7am. This continued and, at 13 weeks now, we have a baby that sleeps easily and soundly throughout every night.

Tina enabled us to read our baby’s signs as to when he was hungry, tired or had wind. I found I was less frustrated than other mothers around me and I was able to really enjoy my new role.

Unfortunately now we are moving house for my husband’s job and I will miss not only the help, but also the enthusiastic, loving nature of Tina being around.

I believe Tina is of tremendous value to every new mother, and any care we seek for our baby in the future will now have very high expectations to live up to. If you are expecting parents or a new mother reading this, deciding what to do, the answer is simply, ‘Yes’.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for AbbeyCro AbbeyCro about Avatar for Tina Southwood Tina Southwood on 07/09/2014

Response by Avatar for Tina Southwood Tina Southwood on 11/09/2014:

Thank you so much for kindly leaving me this wonderful review. You have been so lovely to work for, and the realization that my time with you is coming to an end fills me with sadness. Although I can at least leave happy in the knowledge that your gorgeous baby boy is a very happy, contented little boy who loves his sleep!!

Also, his mummy and daddy can at least return to work feeling a lot less tired!

I wish you all the very best in your new home, and hope we continue to stay in touch.

Tina x

Tina worked for us with our second child from his arrival home for 8 weeks. She provided much needed advice and reassurance as well as the obvious respite when we needed to catch up on our sleep. Tina fitted in to the family and included our 5 year old whilst supporting my wife through the trials and tribulations of breast feeding and the various changes in behavior associated with a newborns first 8 weeks. On our recommendation Tina also went out of her way to help another couple as a consultant through her Sleep consultancy role. Tinas experience and advice made the first 8 weeks considerably easier for us.

  • 4 stars Overall

by Avatar for James W James W about Avatar for Tina Southwood Tina Southwood on 10/06/2014

Our second son was only sleeping 20 minutes during the day and fitfully at night, at five months old. He had a tough start with feeding problems and reflux and every day felt like we were just containing the next meltdown. With a two year old toddler to care for as well, I was utterly exhausted and anxious as there seemed no rest and hours of wakefulness in the middle of the night. I had a similar problem with my older son who after trying every sleep technique I could read about continued in this pattern until about a year old. Tina talked about working on getting my baby to sleep for an hour and a half in the day and I really didn't believe that would be possible. She spent time listening and looking and assessing things like his reflux issues and then made suggestions. I stuck with it for a couple of weeks and adapted slightly under Tina’s guidance, when the first ideas didn't work. I am absolutely amazed to see him sleeping for eight hours through the night now and through several 45 minute sleep cycles in the day. We are still a work in progress but I have the confidence now to get the little one to sleep. Tina is a warm and caring person. Both my boys love her and I wish I had known about her talents years ago! She has made such a significant improvement to our family.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for KeeleyHi KeeleyHi about Avatar for Tina Southwood Tina Southwood on 18/02/2014

We contacted Tina primarily for assistance with our daughter's sleeping and also to help us encourage her to take a bottle. Tina revolutionised our daughter's sleeping, especially the daytime naps. Tina listened and worked with us to help set a flexible sleep routine that is tailored to our family's needs.

Tina is extremely kind and thoughtful as well as responsive to both the child's and parent's requirements. As a Mum with post natal depression I responded really well to her positive and reassuring approach, and she ended up helping and advising us in relation to many aspects of our daughters care.

I recommend Tina unreservedly.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for spencer2 spencer2 about Avatar for Tina Southwood Tina Southwood on 21/02/2012

Tina has been amazing with my 10 and 13 year old children. She’s used to dealing with infants so bigger children are no problem for her. Both my kids really love her visits. My son even pesters me to know exactly when she’ll be arriving: “Daddy, when is Tina coming? What time will she be here?”.

She’s really great, playing games, cooking pizza, bringing movies. It a real pleasure knowing I can leave the house without a worry in the world. I highly recommend her!

Here’s a few quotes from my kids:

Boy 10
She's really nice. She'll make pizzas with you and play "hide and seek". She helped me clean my room!

Daughter 13
She's really nice and friendly. She made nice pizzas with us. She cleaned our kitchen and loaded our dishwasher!

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for abbacasa abbacasa about Avatar for Tina Southwood Tina Southwood on 30/12/2011

What can I say about Tina? She has been incredibly supportive and informative when it came to setting a sleep routine for both my children. The routine that she adopts is easy to follow and flexible being adapted for the individual child's needs.

Tina is very understanding of the problems and frustrations parents have and is always happy to explain things repeatedly, giving reasonings behind the methods.

Tina is vastly experienced and this is evident from the wealth of information she has at her fingertips. She comes highly recommended if you want a nanny who is trustworthy, reliable and extremely caring.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for redacted redacted about Avatar for Tina Southwood Tina Southwood on 13/03/2011

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