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This nanny engaged all morning about wanting more work as her regular families did not know if they needed her over the summer. She asked me to give her set dates. After hedging her bets she then told her families she has a new one to work for and guess what suddenly she no longer makes herself available!

Parents - don't be led up the garden path. Not straightforward honest communcation. Very disappointed. Not nice.

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by Avatar for Happy Happy about Avatar for Jordan Jordan on 08/08/2017

Response by Avatar for Jordan Jordan on 08/08/2017:

This lady messaged me and once i had replied explaining several things i went to work where i found out i had a lot more hours coming my way. I immediatley messaged this lady to let her know i could not offer her anything. I then recieved a phone call whilst around small chidren with her calling me names and being extremely rude. I have never been spoken to in this way before and find it completley pathetic and nasty. She then informed me she would be leaving a terrible review. Even though i have never met her or looked after her child. The way i was spoken to today was uncalled for and i am extremely glad that i never have to work for this lady! All the families i work for are extremely happy with me and i love working for them, just because i cant take on extra work does not mean i should recieve a nasty review from a stubborn lady looking for last minute care.

Parents beware, this applicant said she would arrive at 12 pm then her boyfriend wanted her to attend his family event so she put a provision to have her earlier or have less time to interview her! Interesting.

Then she had the interview, during which she said she could not be on time exactly depending on her other job, interesting!

Then she accepted the job, then she wanted more money than she advertised after she accepted the job. Interesting!

She had not got the training required, she could not drive. Interesting!

I advertised for a nanny/ mother’s help but she decided she wanted to be a person just to play and buddy the child.

I asked if she had been a nanny and she said no she only what she understood what that was from friends.
As she was leaving she then launched into she was late for another appointment and had not stated her ‘terms!’

Families, make of all of this what you will.

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by Avatar for Happy Happy about Avatar for Marga Marga on 21/03/2018

I rang very enthusiastic but she already had a job. I asked why her advert was still up and she said sorry yes oh um.
To me it slightly projected lack of responsibility as if this was something that would not occur. I trust my instinct.

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by Avatar for Happy Happy about Avatar for Maria Maria on 24/11/2018

My experience of this nanny is that at the last minute she let me down half an hour before she was due to arrive. She was supposed to do the shopping and cook a meal with my daughter who is special-needs and is profoundly disabled. As I mentioned half an hour before due to arrive she text me to let me know she’s not coming because she has to go and get a vaccination for holiday even though she knew there would be no food in the house and the child will be due home within the half an hour .
Few days later she said she would like to come back if there was no one else available with no remorse whatsoever as to what she had done.
I would not leave my precious child with this person I certainly wouldn’t trust her . Would you.

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by Avatar for Happy Happy about Avatar for Alba Alba on 21/12/2018

Parents my experience is that this person ignores when you write to her. What message does that say? It is only polite to reply if someone has taken the time out of their busy lives to write back if only to decline.

Just thought I would let you all know.

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by Avatar for Happy Happy about Avatar for Elvana Elvana on 02/02/2019

Response by Avatar for Elvana Elvana on 02/02/2019:

Dear Bohman
I am really sorry for the late reply but i have been very busy .
Please accept my sincere apologies.

This provider has a long term illness that is not mentioned in her profile. This appeared to affect her work or lack of I should say. She does not provide food for your child as she says she does not cook. I was so disappointed, not pro-active in the slightest, not very organised, does drive a car but won’t drive the children anywhere as she says she is a nervous driver, very messy, talked way way too much with little work done, talks over the parent, can’t change a nappy properly and all told I did all the work over the two days hired. I was left with a reeling headache. I think she suffers from manic episodes - kept repeating herself, really not a stable pragmatic nor methodical nanny at all.
References were friends or family. To get them and the CV I had to ask over as was not forth coming. No neutral objective reference to be seen.

Definitely will not be using again.

Very very draining experience. Wow.

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by Avatar for Happy Happy about Avatar for Sparkle Sparkle on 23/04/2019

Response by Avatar for Sparkle Sparkle on 28/04/2019:

This was very disappointing to read and unexpected, especially given the positive text messages you sent over both days and never once mentioned how unhappy you were with my care. Actually on the contrary saying how you appreciated my loving care for your daughter.

Whilst I do have Fibromyalgia this in no way affects my ability to nanny. I've have worked in childcare for most of my career and I'm presently working at a pre-school part-time and nannying unhindered.

I expressly said from the beginning that I'm not a good cook but I can do simple oven meals and whilst providing food was not mentioned, I did pick up shopping on both days on short notice.

I wasn't expecting to drive a disable child with medical conditions on my own as I was concerned for safety reasons.

To say you did all the work over 2 days is completely unfair and not true, I was practically alone with your daughter the whole time and had little to no time to eat, drink or toilet breaks.

I have no issue providing my CV or references to any parent looking to engage in my services, they are from other parents I have been a nanny for.

It saddens me to read such a spiteful, and uncalled for review. However, I wish you and your daughter the support you need.

I doubt if you will ever get past base with this girl. Her communication is stunted then she will ghost then months later she will contact you with some feeble whatnot about having problems with childcare.co.uk website and it won’t happen again. She may have your number but will tell you iphone dropped down the loo or blame it on a Little kid doing so that she is supposed to be taking charge and responsible for. If you give her the benefit of the doubt and give her your number again she will message you but not really commit but when you say call she will say later - and give no time then ghost again. A proper professional time waster in my opinion. I would be terrified to leave my child in her care. I don’t think you would ever get to the bottom of it should anything happen on her watch. Parents my experience to date is a flakey young girl who doesn’t know how to be in the world as an adult. Don’t waste your time unless you welcome drama and flakiness. Thanks for reading.

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by Avatar for Happy Happy about Avatar for Easha Easha on 12/12/2021