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I found Gentle Hands in a moment of need- we had some changes pre-travel which meant we needed a childminders for a short term. We contacted Gentle Hands and from the start it was professional and smooth. Paperwork was sent across in order and promptly; communication was prompt, clear and straightforward; the willingness to assist parents came through even before we met. Then we did our first visit and met the wonderful pair of sisters, Tashande and Sachia. The aura both of the place and of the sisters was compelling. They just exude quiet and gentle competence and confidence. They are clearly very experienced and the space is lovingly and creatively laid out. In truth, not only did we think we had found the perfect childminders for our child but we felt we had found a friend to parents. Our son attended for a week and if we hadn't had to travel we would have kept him attending. We are still in touch with Gentle Hands. Tashande and Sachia have poured their hearts and all their experience and care into looking after your child. I have no hesitation in recommending this childminders very highly. They care and it shows.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Minggy Minggy about Avatar for Gentle Hands Gentle Hands on 20/09/2023

Ami is super experienced with children and tireless around them. Our two and a half year old was transitioning from a child care provider who has been with him almost from birth and he was suspicious of strangers and very vocal about it. Ami was able to calm him after a bit and they played and interacted seamlessly together.

She knows the little tricks and games and speaks to children as what they are- real people, just little ones. I think she is a child herself at heart. And she gets on well with the parents too.


  • 4 stars Overall

by Avatar for Minggy Minggy about Avatar for ami Ancl ami Ancl on 30/10/2023

Mariz came to us at a time of need- it was going to be ad hoc for a short time. She did the role perfectly. She really got right down to our toddler son's level and was a true playmate and friend. He loved her. She thought up activities for them to do and brought in puzzles, crafts, art, went to the play ground. Super responsible and ready to jump in with whatever he needed done. Great attention to detail, gentle, well presented and personable. High recommended.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Minggy Minggy about Avatar for Mariz Mariz on 23/11/2023

Chantelle has been babysitting our just over two-and-a half year old son regularly for a few weeks now. She is a joy to work with. Punctual, polite, sensible, bright and straightforward in communication. Extremely responsive in the case of any changes to requests and always available to answer questions even when not officially on the job for us. If she is going to be 5 minutes late, she messages asap. She brings her creativity- invents different play time activities for our son which he enjoys, plus reads to him. Calms him down nicely even when he has a strop. She also does creative arts and crafts for special occasions. She uses her own initiative very well- deciding how best to respond to what he needs in the minute, whether need of a snack or to get out for a walk. It is clear she is very experienced with toddlers and has been a great addition to the household for the parents too, dispensing advice from her nursery experience etc to first time parents. We were lucky to find her and would work with her anytime.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Minggy Minggy about Avatar for Chantelle Chantelle on 07/02/2024