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Vicki worked with us for 8 weeks starting right after the birth of my twins in August 2011, and then she looked after them for one week when they were 3 month old to allow my husband and I to travel.

She was highly recommended to us by another family she had worked for and we do believe having hired her was probably the best decision we could have taken. Having a first child, and in my case two, can be an overwhelming experience. With Victoria helping us, not only taking care of the babies but also teaching us how to handle them, meet their needs, creating a routine, we managed to enjoy this wonderful life changing experience in the most serene and joyful manner.

One of my babies had a problem at birth for which he spent 3 weeks in ICU and luckily Vicki was there taking care of the second baby and helping my husband in those first difficult weeks.

Handling twins is a lot of hard work and Vicki did that in a very natural and relaxed way, which is automatically transmitted to nervous first time parents. She would take care of both of them during the night, allowing me to rest and recover from the birth, while during the day I specifically wanted to be fully involved and look after them alongside Vicki so that I could learn from her and leverage on her experience while she was there.

She is kind, thoughtful and well-organized and was indispensable in the process of putting my babies on the right schedule. We often hear desperate parents describing their experiences with young babies and we feel so lucky to have had such different experience. Today my babies sleep properly, eat properly and follow a very simple and defined schedule, and while undoubtedly personality plays a role in that, we strongly believe that having put a structure into their and our lives since day one was critical to that, and we thank Vicki for that.

I wouldn’t hesitate in giving Vicki the highest recommendation to any future employer and I feel that she could rise to any challenge of any household.

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by Avatar for Felicia0 Felicia0 about Avatar for TWIN MATERNITY NURSE TWIN MATERNITY NURSE on 30/09/2012

Vicki worked for us as a maternity nurse for 7 weeks when we had newborn twins in May. The girls were premature and bringing them home was terrifying, but as soon as Vicki arrived order was restored and we felt much more relaxed - she really does know what she's doing.

Vicki was hugely helpful in establishing a routine for the twins and has given us so many tips and suggestions that we will continue to use. Vicki is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and calm. She knows the best way to do things and can explain the reasons for it but doesn't dictate what you must do and isn't opinionated - she advises but fits in with how you want to do things.

In addition to helping us to look after the twins, Vicki did the night feeds on her own when I stopped breastfeeding which meant I was able to catch up on sleep. She was also happy for us to go out for dinner and have some time to ourselves, which is incredibly important.

Vicki is happy to help out with pretty much anything and is a fantastic cook - she even made me a surprise birthday cake!

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Vicki to anyone in the future, especially anyone with twins!

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by Avatar for Twin mot Twin mot about Avatar for TWIN MATERNITY NURSE TWIN MATERNITY NURSE on 14/08/2012

I employed Vicki as a maternity nurse to work with us when my daughter was 6 weeks old. I had originally booked Vicki for 7 weeks, but she was so invaluable we asked her to stay on for additional weeks and is coming back for a further 2 weeks to work with us now my daughter is 6 months.

As a first time mum as I was very anxious but with Vicki's calm and caring nature she put my mind at ease about many aspects of caring for my baby. She also helped with breastfeeding and expressing which I found very difficult at first.

My daughter was not in any sleeping or feeding routine when Vicki arrived and within 24 hours both these aspects had improved enormously. Vicki got my daughter into a flexible routine that works very well for our family and best of all helped my baby to learn to self soothe and she sleeps through every night which is fantastic and this is all down to Vicki.

Vicki is very easy going and fitted well into the household. She helped around the house and also cooked some lovely meals for us and cakes!

I was initially worried about having a stranger in our home at a very challenging time but Vicki was very considerate and discrete.

I would highly recommend Vicki to any future employer she is great at her job and also a lovely person to have around.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for LISAN19 LISAN19 about Avatar for TWIN MATERNITY NURSE TWIN MATERNITY NURSE on 13/08/2012

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