NEW FEATURE: Secure Document Sharing

22nd April 2016

Childcare providers and tutors can now upload documents and share them with parents are taking online safety and security to the next level with our new My Documents feature.

Childcare providers and tutors can now optionally upload their DBS checks, registration certificates, identity documents, qualifications, references and full CV to our secure digital vault.

Document validation

Once a document is uploaded, it is digitally watermarked, encrypted, stored securely and queued for review by a member of our document validation team.

The document is manually validated by a human operator to ensure it appears to be genuine and the details contained within the document are compared with the details we hold on file for the provider. If the details match then the document is approved and provider's profile will show details of the approved documents that we hold on file for them.

Read more about the security of your documents and what we do to keep them safe.

Additional reassurance and trust

Providers with approved documents also receive additional icons alongside their profile in the search results to indicate to parents that they have chosen to have their documents validated by us. This provides additional reassurance and peace of mind to parents.

Secure document sharing

Providers can optionally choose to share their approved documents with parent members. Providers are in complete control over which parents can see their documents.

For example, if a parent wishes to see a provider's DBS check or reference then the provider can invite the parent to view them. Documents are not sent by email, but are instead viewed securely online via our platform.

Where possible, documents are digitally watermarked with the logo as a further security feature to ensure that shared documents are not abused.

Upload your documents now - it's free!

It's completely free for all providers to upload their documents and have them validated by our team. Gold provider members can share their documents with all parent members. Free provider members can share their documents with gold parent members only.

Providers can upload documents now or read our free guide on how to upload your first document.

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