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Melanie has had sole care of our son one day a week from 18 months old and his 4 year old sister after school. It was a time of multiple transitions for our family, with our daughter starting school and the first time our son was looked after by anyone outside our family, so we were delighted and relieved when Melanie quickly formed strong bonds with both children, who adore her! Our son asks after ‘Mimi’ although the week (often before he goes to sleep) until he has his day with her again and our daughter (who can be slow to warm to new adults) bursts with excitement guessing what fun, creative and imaginative, magical play ideas Melanie has invented to make her after school time with her extra special - from creating elaborate dens to tipi discos! I work from home upstairs and whilst Melanie looks after my son downstairs and can often hear her singing to him as they go about the day :-) She is wonderfully attuned and present with him and when she has both children she balances both their needs brilliantly. We could not recommend her enough!

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by Avatar for FamilyLD FamilyLD about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 01/01/2024

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 02/01/2024:

What a wonderful kind and thoughtful review Hannah, thank you for taking the time to write it, very much appreciated.
From day one I felt extremely welcome in your lovely home, your calm approach to how you and Rob wanted both your children cared for gave me so much scope. Each week I love to plan new activities knowing that my time with your little ones is very very special so with this in mind the playroom becomes our inside adventure emporium.

I was thrilled when my contract with you all was extended a further 3 months taking us to March 2024. I could not have a nicer family to work for, you will indeed be my last family in London! My relocation to my home County of West Yorkshire in Spring is very welcome and whilst I am super excited to go ‘home’ it will be tinged with a little sadness as I will no longer be around to bump into all the little peeps I have ever cared for including your two little sweethearts. I do hope you will stay in touch and send me photo updates.

Who ever takes over my role with your lovely little family, I hope they enjoy every single minute as much as I have, it has been a true privilege and pleasure. The memories of our times together I will always recall fondly. Thank you for the opportunity♥️

Melanie has looked after our daughter one day a week for a number of months after our last nanny became unavailable. We instantly noticed how experienced she is and how good her communication with young children is. She has an energetic approach and talks to our daughter about what they are doing all the time, which has really helped with her development from a stage where she was speaking very little to now being very chatty! Melanie always organises fun activities for her and our daughter to do ahead of their day together, but is flexible and responsive if plans need to change. She has such a caring approach, as well as being reliable and communicating what her plans are and when there are logistical issues.

Melanie is very safety conscious and ensures a safe environment for her and our daughter to interact in. She is also very careful with food and toys.

We are so pleased with how Melanie has helped us, it has put our minds at rest to have someone we quickly learned to trust looking after our daughter, and the bond they have developed is reassuring and enjoyable to watch.

I work from home a lot at the moment and while I am never disturbed when working, it is lovely to be able to pop down to make a cup of tea and see the creative and imaginative things Melanie is doing with our daughter - Melanie brings her creativity to the fore in designing things to do with our daughter, from collecting leaves to make collages to building dens and houses out of Amazon boxes.

We're very happy to recommend Melanie to anyone, and if (like us) it is your first child, you will learn a lot and benefit from all the experience Melanie brings as a nanny.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 4 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for HarriDis HarriDis about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 12/01/2022

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 27/10/2022:

It has been such a delight to work for this lovely growing family.

Kind happy nurturing parents, lovely home and always a feeling of belonging which was a bonus.
Although caring ‘hands on parents’ I always felt listened to, my idea’s and opinions valued. Together we all worked as a great team ensuring their little one was getting the very best care possible. The bond grew quickly over the weeks which is not always a given in all households.

Anyone that has the opportunity to be part of this family in a childcare capacity will not be disappointed. Even Sammy Cat was welcoming, always showed up to greet me and then snuggled down somewhere cosy till meal time.

I know we will all keep in touch and I will look forward to discovering all their exciting news😉✨✨
It was a sincere pleasure to have been part of their lives for the past year.

♥️ Magical memories♥️

To whom it may concern,
We are delighted to provide a reference for Melanie who cared for our daughter, A from the age of 8
months to a year. A grew up during the pandemic so was very nervous of new people but Melanie
had no trouble in winning her over with a slow but steady approach and she soon enjoyed her time
with Melanie.

It was a difficult season to be caring for a child due to the weather being very cold and
most activities not being available due to lockdown, but Melanie was always cheerful and did a great
job of entertaining Annie with toys and books in the house and local garden centres and open shops.
Melanie was very responsive to A’s needs and our preferences but also prepared to offer insights
and advice from her many years of experience. She had a keen eye on how A was developing which
was brilliant for a first-time mum and was extremely competent at managing any little issues with
A’s routine or plans. I always knew Annie would be safe and enjoying herself in Melanie’s care, and
enjoyed the regular updates by Whatsapp and a shared communication notebook.

Sadly, the pandemic led to several concerns which meant we had to readjust arrangements several
times -it became more and more difficult for Melanie to care for A and this and other factors meant
she had to give up caring for A just before her first birthday. However, she is a warm, caring and
extremely competent Nanny and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Felicity Felicity about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 19/02/2021

My previous nanny unfortunately didn’t work out and then I found Melanie...she has been an angel. Kind, thoughtful and just an amazing nanny. Since Melanie arrived my daughter has got her confidence back - is happy to be left, is chatty around Melanie and other babies and is just so much more confident.

Melanie has so much love and passion for working with children I never had any doubt that my daughter was not ok. Melanie is so creative - plans lots of fun creative activities and ensures my daughter is stimulated and developing. My daughters language has developed so well in the past 2 months.

Melanie’s communication is excellent- she keeps a daily diary, updates with wonderful pictures and videos and lets you know how your child is developing. Melanie is naturally a warm, friendly and loving person - she’s very special to us - I’m so thankful to this site for finding her at a time when we needed her. I cannot thank her enough for what she’s done for us.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Katie G Katie G about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 19/12/2019

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 19/12/2019:

Thank you so much Katie for such a kind thoughtful review.

Caring for your Little Sweetheart has been a delight and the perfect way to see 2019 out. I have enjoyed our many hours together, the adventures we get up to, the friends we make along the way and hopefully a few more to come in 2020.

I am thrilled to have played a part in your lovely little family, you welcomed me into your beautiful home and have shown me nothing but kindness, respect and consideration.

I am one Lucky Nanny!

I am a new mother with an 11 week old baby, who like many new mothers was very nervous at the thought of leaving her little one in strange hands, so when I first met Melanie at interview stage, it was an enormous relief to watch her interact with my little girl.
On Melanie's first day I left Melanie with my daughter, and disappeared into my home office feeling anxious at how the day might go. As soon as I turned away, I could hear Melanie's quiet voice singing to my daughter and gently telling her little stories, and although the separation form the little one was hard, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders because I knew my child was cared for, and for that I was extremely grateful.
During the course of that first day I popped down to see Melanie and make sure everything was going well. I found Melanie sitting by the little one who was fast asleep busying herself folding my daughter's clothes whilst watching over her. It felt as though au auntie had come by to help out for the day and had quietly blended into the family home and routine. This was so unexpected and gratefully received, that I rushed up to my office to call my partner and tell him what I had seen and report that I had stumbled across Mary Poppins.
Melanie does have some rather Mary Poppins like qualities. She is delightful and cheerful and an incredibly reassuring person to have watch over a child. Melanie is patient (as much with nervous parents as she is with children), thoughtful and flexible. I would highly recommend Melanie and wish her the very best in her future role.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Natalie Natalie about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 18/09/2015

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 18/09/2015:

My dear Natalie

You have a likened me to Mary Poppins, a magical singing character with a wonderful way with children. What amazing words to bestow on me, such kindness and warmth behind your words. I really do appreciate you taking the time and effort to write a review let alone one so colourful and imaginative.

You have painted a picture with your words and allowed new parents dropping in to visualise who I am and what I do.

You are such a generous warm hearted person Natalie, it would have been very hard not to have enjoyed my time with your adorable daughter and goes without saying, you!

I am never far away. Xxxx

I had a wonderful experience spending time with Melanie and then leaving my 3 month daughter in her sole care whilst attending to appointments. Melanie offers a supportive role for the mother and is full of friendly advice and tips for caring for a baby, especially appreciated by a first time mum!

My daughter had a lovely fun day with Melanie, attending a class which included baby massage. Melanie, anticipating a nervous mummy, kept me updated with photos and text messages whilst I was away and when I returned filled me in on the day and had written a day's report of her activities.

Melanie is completely professional, with up to date references and qualifications and you will feel absolute confidence in her skills in looking after your precious child and keeping them entertained. She is warm, friendly and encouraging in helping you find your ground as a new mother.

I am completely confident and trusting in Melanie to take the best care of my child and look forward to seeing her again soon!

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Butterry Butterry about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 23/01/2015

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 26/01/2015:

I can not thank you enough Julie for such a wonderful review. You know how important it is to me that new first time Mums understand my aim is to help and support them. You have emphasised this is all the points you have made and any new parent reading your review will no doubt feel so much more confident and relaxed about making contact with me.
I thoroughly enjoyed looking after your stunning little sweetheart, it was a pleasure to have the experience of one so young and for you to entrust her to my sole care! I consider this an honour, thank you once again.

Although I know we will meet again, I just want to take the opportunity to wish you and your little family all the very best for now and the months and years ahead.
Happy Parenting.

Melanie stepped in when I had no help from family or friends, I suffer from post natal depression and got in touch with Melanie when things were getting too much for me especially at a time when I was sick and so was my baby. Melanie stepped in at the last minute to support us. My baby was refusing solids and milk feeds and Melanie played an important part in his recovery and getting his appetite back, I was also able to get some rest too and some time for myself. My little one reacts to new faces but he instantly warmed up to Melanie.
Melanie supported me a lot emotionally as I have a lot of personal problems. She gave me a good listening ear. Luckily I have my mother in law to help me for now but will be contacting Melanie once again when I have no help.
Melanie played with my little one and helped at meal times so that I could also do house chores. I have often felt isolated and depressed and Melanie encouraged me to get dressed and go for a walk with her and the baby, she really encouraged me to get out more.
I am ever so grateful for all her help, Melanie stepped in to support me in desperate times where I felt ever so low.
I can't thank her enough- I never forget the people who helped when there was nobody else.
Melanie also bought foods to help baby's weaning to progress, she also bought toys too which was so kind and a bottle that she bought to encourage my baby to drink his milk again. I just can't thank her enough for all she has done. I thoroughly recommend her although want her all to myself!
She is so hands-on and offers plenty of advice. She even assembled our baby walker that we were struggling to assemble! Miraculously even got my fussy baby to nap by himself in the cot!
Thank you Melanie- you are an angel

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Parent Parent about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 15/01/2015

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 16/01/2015:

What a wonderful review to write about me! It is not overly often I am lost for words but somehow on this occasion I am..... So less is more.

????????????Thank you ????????????

As I have said to you already, I can only help those that allow me to, you opened your home, your heart and your lovely family to me. Asking for help is
the hardest thing ever to do but it is also the very first step to recovery. So very well done you. It will not be long before I drop by again so until then be safe, happy and well and continue to be brave. MXxx

Melanie is a fantastic childminder - highly qualified, very professional and has a really friendly and approachable manner.

Our daughter started going to Melanie at 9 months old and after only a few weeks, if not days, she was very happy and confident to be left in her care.

Melanie does lots of fun activities with our daughter and sends us photos throughout the day to let us know what she is up to.

She also fills out a daily diary which is a great way of communicating what our daughter has eaten, how many naps she's had and for how long etc.

Our daughter always greets Melanie with a huge smile and doesn't show any worry when we leave to go to work which is hugely reassuring. We have been very happy with the care and attention that Melanie has given our daughter and I'm sure we will continue to do so!

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Parent Parent about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 14/10/2013

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 14/10/2013:

Thank you so much Lauren for such a detailed and kind review.

These reviews are so important to other would be parents, parents can read the reviews of other parents just like them and can trust what they say. Thank you for caring enough to write how you feel.

Settling in is one of the mains areas of concern with most parents and you have managed to say how smoothly it all went for you and that your little one was happy and content within a very short space of time.. I would like to say on this point, it is very much a team effort, and I think we all played our part very well.

Your little sweetheart is a dream of girl and I really enjoy spending my days with her, we get on very well and long may it last.

I have the best job in the world :)

Thank you again Lauren


Melanie has been looking after my little girl Jessica since she was 7 months old.
Melanie's caring, warm, confident and fun loving nature made my return to work easy on both Jessica and I. She settled into her care so easily and has so much fun that she often doesn't to leave!

My little girl has really thrived in Melanie's expert care and I would highly recommend her. I am sure Jessica would agree!

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Parent Parent about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 23/01/2013

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 27/01/2013:

Dear Caroline

that is very concise and most kind,very very much appreciated. It will not be long before Jessica can tell you for herself!! :D


Melanie was nanny to our daughter, Emily, for three months before re-establishing her childminding business. Emily was 13 months old at the time and progressed very well in Melanie's care - I'm sure Melanie played a big role in helping her learn to eat for herself.

Melanie was highly professional throughout, keeping a diary of events and giving us lots of advice. She also really cared for Emily and we have lots of lovely photographs and memories to show Emily as she grows up.

We really wanted Melanie as Emily's nanny because she is a friendly, knowledgeable, warm, approachable, expert person with a great attention to detail. We were very sad to see her go but it's fantastic that she has the chance to continue to work with children and spend more time in her own home.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Avatar for Parent Parent about Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 18/06/2012

Response by Avatar for Little Sweethearts Little Sweethearts on 24/06/2012:

Thank you John so very much for the review yo have left for me.

Caring for your daughter was a true pleasure, it may have been brief but very memorable all the same.

I am very happy to be working back in my comfort zone doing what I love best, caring and sharing.

Hope it will not be long before I see a sweet little someone again....

Kindest regards


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