Iron Man tops list of ‘super nannies’ chosen by parents

16th September 2019 have revealed the top ten ‘super nannies’ (superhero childcarers) that parents would want to look after their children. … read more

Kids reveal what they think of today’s global issues

28th August 2019

With so much happening in today's world, from climate change to Brexit, there is no doubt that our children are affected by what they read or see on the news. … read more

A third of parents post their kids on social media every day - what type of social media parent are you?

29th July 2019

From ultrasound photos and birth announcements to photos on their first day of school, these days, children often have a digital footprint before they’re even born. … read more

The most expensive toys you might have in your attic

8th July 2019

Over the past 50 years, mass produced miniature cars have been clogging up toy cupboards across the nation, and if you have a collectable running idle, it might well fetch you a few quid...or thousand.  Sadly though, if you were swept away by the collecting frenzy of Beanie Babies in the 1990’s, the same isn’t true. One of the best marketing campaigns? Yes. Valuable returns? Alas not.   Collecting toys has been a lucrative pursuit over the past years; some LEGO sets have outperformed gold and oil as investments, if you can believe it. These sets certainly have to be in mint condition and in the box, and of course you’ll need to resist the overwhelming urge to build your set. … read more

Celeb and TV character baby names on the rise!

3rd July 2019

We’re in a fortunate position to have a great relationship with our members, and regularly survey them to find out what’s new with being a parent, because if we know that then we can make the best possible platform. … read more

How do parents really feel about screens?

17th June 2019

Technology - love or hate it, there is simply no living without it. As the media seems to be so split on the idea of children and technology, we asked our community how they felt about children’s screen time and gadgets. … read more

Parents get MORE STRESSED about an UNTIDY HOME than anything else (including the health of their children and lack of sleep)

3rd June 2019

Parenting, stressful isn’t it? Thankfully, we’re not alone in feeling the pressures of parenthood, and long gone are the days of trying to make out family life is perfect. With that in mind, we wanted to find out exactly what causes parents the most stress, so asked members of the community what causes them the most stress as a parent and their perceptions on mental health and how this relates to parenting. … read more

The votes are in – UK parents say BOYS are EASIER to raise than GIRLS

13th May 2019

We all know that parenting boys and girls is both a challenge and an absolute joy, but is one gender really easier to raise than the other? We surveyed our members to find out exactly that and according to 66% of UK parents, the answer is boys are easier. … read more

Free Childcare for Mums having Smear Tests: Independent Childminders and Nannies offer Help to Save Lives

12th April 2019

Cervical screening for cancer is at a 20-year low Over 3000 women in the UK are diagnosed with cervical cancer and nearly 1000 die due to the condition every year. … read more