Some of the things we have achieved so far during the Covid-19 pandemic

27th October 2020 are committed to supporting all childcare providers and parents through this pandemic and beyond

We thought it might be useful to look at a quick round-up of what we have achieved so far:

• Lobbied Government to recognise the needs of childminders and nannies during the pandemic

• Supported practitioners with ‘key worker’ certificates

• Requested Government speak to Local Authorities about lack of PPE for providers

• Written an open letter to Government ministers voicing concern about the lack of financial support

• Lobbied for guidance which recognises childminders as unique and different from group providers

• Provided up-to-date, accurate information on financial support available for providers

• Supported practitioners with ‘congratulations’ and ‘well done’ certificates to recognise their work

• Commissioned coronavirus risk assessments and new policies to support members

• Set up and added content to a free ‘lockdown documents’ support website page

• Supported nearly 25,500 childminders on the Independent Childminders Facebook page

• Commissioned webinars to support practitioners with risk assessment and coronavirus

• Asked DfE for answers to member questions about, for example, outings and toddler groups

• Published a free Coronavirus Health and Safety webinar for YouTube

• Repeatedly lobbied Government for clarity on childminders collecting children from school premises

• Requested a further first aid extension from the health and Safety Executive

• Created a Coronavirus Toolkit to offer support documentation for all providers

• Commissioned a free Coronavirus in the Early Years training presentation for YouTube

• Supported nearly 2500 nurseries and pre-schools on the Nursery Chat Facebook page

• Set up a Coronavirus FAQ for all providers to access free information

• Commissioned a free poster: 'Things to do if a child or staff member has coronavirus' 

• Shared accurate information about the CMA ruling on charging parents during a pandemic

• Made all recently updated policies and procedures freely available for all providers

• Provided free sample contracts and other contractual documentation for childminders

• Answered thousands of insurance-related questions

• Resolved confusing and conflicting advice through partnership working with DfE and other agencies

• Commissioned a free poster: ‘Coronavirus for parents’ for providers to share with families

• Added updated information about tiered lockdowns to the coronavirus frequently asked questions pages

• Supported over 10,000 nannies on the Nanny Chat facebook group

• Commissioned content for a support page for parents of children starting school in September

• Supported an article in Nursery World magazine asking the Government for more support for providers

• Provided timely information when DfE revised guidance so providers were always up-to-date

• Supported providers with latest information about disapplications to the EYFS

• Commissioned timely guidance on the Progress Check at 2 when disapplications ended

• Worked closely with Ofsted to resolve questions and support members

• Carried out practitioner surveys to provide evidence for Government lobbying

• Commissioned a new series of webinars to cover changes to the EYFS and Development Matters 2020

• Secured an exclusive video interview with Dr Julian Grenier - Lead Writer of Development Matters

• Provided free access to our messaging service for NHS workers

• Created an out of hours emergency childcare service for NHS workers

• Collaborated with NHS charity HEROES to help support NHS workers

• Created the world's first virtual nanny service

We are not finished yet!

We will continue to support our members, lobby Government, work with Ofsted and other agencies and share up-to-date and accurate information and advice for all.

We know there are many more issues which childminders, nurseries, pre-schools and nannies are facing across the country and we want to help you ... so please keep us updated as issues arise.

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